Partnerships / Investors

PlatOD is a pre-clinical stage company, developing disruptive technology for producing in vitro functional platelets. Based on cutting edge technologies in biology and physics, its ambition is to achieve large scale production to provide patients with a safe treatment to life-threatening hemorrhage.

Currently, platelets concentrates (PC) are prepared from blood donation. In high income countries, the number of transfused PC per year is above 5 millions, i.e. a €2 billions+ market. Even with optimal inventory management by blood banks, shortage of supplies is not uncommon, especially for refractory patients. In emerging countries, representing 80% of the worldwide population, more than half of transfusion needs are currently unserved.

Our engineered platelets are an opportunity to provide an alternative to transfusion of blood-donor platelets.

The field is progressing rapidly and PlatOD is fully engaged in the competition. Competitors are all at pre-clinical stage.

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