Company overview

PlatOD’s objective is to produce platelets at an industrial scale.

Engineered stem cells are an abundant source for generating megakaryocytes, and the microfluidic technology allows reaching a yield compatible with large scale production.

The primary indication is the prevention or treatment of hemorrhagic events in patients with low platelet counts.

Other applications are the use of platelets for specific diagnosis tools or products derived from platelets for various uses or indications.

The proprietary technology is based on the pioneering work of Dominique Baruch who founded PlatOD in 2010 with Jean-Jacques Augier.

It was initially funded by personal funds from the founders and family. In 2012, they were joined by the ESPCI (Paris School of Industrial Physics and Chemistry) Georges Charpak Endowment Fund, chaired by Jacques Lewiner.

The PlatOD research program is also supported by a grant (TRIMEP research program) from the French National Research Agency (ANR), awarded to a large consortium of academic laboratories with global reputations.